Welcome to the change that you are

In a world brimming with adversity, from personal battles to global crises, our true selves can be overshadowed.

Yet, we are not bound to this darkness. Aspiring to stand tall in the tumult of our times, some of us feel called to take on their roles as mindful, conscious agents of change.

Enter Global Mentoring™, a tailored service for those committed to becoming the change they wish to see.

By integrating a spectrum of approaches — emotional, intellectual, political, creative, and spiritual — Global Mentoring™ is a bespoke tool designed to help you delve deeper into your power.

If you feel ready to make your inner and outer world a better place, now is the time to journey into transformation.

Now is the time to let yourself shine.

Enter Global Mentoring™, a tailored service for those committed to becoming the change they wish to see.

Who are you ?

You are a uniquely skilled person who has sometimes felt misunderstood and overlooked.

You are probably a trauma survivor, someone who had to learn early on that the trials of life have the potential to either destroy or forge you.

You have managed to overcome many obstacles and become a better version of yourself every day.

Your survival tactics have led you to navigate the world with intelligence and courage, making you the insightful being you now are.

Today you realize it’s time to use what life has taught you to achieve a greater goal.

You may hear a calling to reach the next step on your path — one characterized by agency, consciousness, and heart.

You aspire to continue living as intensely as ever. Yet you want this intensity to be more focused and help you and those around you to simply be happy.

You seek like-minded individuals, striving to collectively enact positive change in your lives and the world.

Today you realize it’s time to use what life has taught you to achieve a greater goal.

Who am I ?

I was born into a family where I was surrounded by violence. Hence, during childhood, I spent much of my time trying to make sense of suffering.

To escape, I threw myself into my studies, excelling in the arts and academia, which led to a successful career. Yet my true self remained in the shadows, consumed by negativity.

In my early thirties, I worked in a refugee camp. The severe trauma I witnessed there triggered my own, which I had yet to fully address. As I didn’t know what I was going through and how to overcome it, this episode left me fractured.

I sank into the effects of PTSD. My body and soul became exhausted, and I totally lost faith in life. Eventually, a serious heart condition nearly killed me.

The doctors told me I was going to die, but miraculously I didn’t. So I began to see my illness as a blessing. I started to focus entirely on not just surviving, but really being alive.

I soothed the hurt parts of my being and learned to accept what I had lost. I took responsibility for my toxic behaviors in order to free myself from them. I made room for forgiveness and truth, and found joy I had never known.

Day by day, I embraced a spiritual transformation that helped me reaffirm my purpose: I am here to serve those who wish to grow as healthy individuals and as conscious citizens of the world.

I am now at peace with a path that was both challenged and empowered by pain. I thrive on living each moment with an open heart and sharing with others the gifts of healing, love, and light.

Noa Liev, Ph.D., is an awarded psychologist, artist, author, and spiritual counselor working internationally. As the founder of Global Mentoring™, he merges his fields of expertise to help individuals devoted to multileveled integration and meaningful transformation grow into the next step of their lives.

Dr. Liev has worked as a clinical psychologist for the past decade, in various mental health settings and in his Paris office, which has since developed into a global online office. As a survivor of child abuse, substance use, and heart disease, he has chosen to put his experience at the service of people who have endured trauma, illness, violence, and SUD. He has been an advocate of minorities’ access to mental health care and an activist for antidiscriminatory practice in psychotherapy. His path also opened to an awakening that led him to revive his faith and travel extensively to train shamanically. He is committed to sharing the teachings of this spiritual journey with his clients.

Dr. Liev holds a Ph.D. from PSL Research University and three MAs from Sciences Po, the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, and Paris Cité University. He was an associate professor before transitioning to independent research. His work in the fields of psychology and the arts has been supported by a series of academic and cultural institutions, such as the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles, the French National Literature Center, the Royal Embassy of Norway, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah, Utrecht University and the EHESS. Noa has written three books and numerous articles published in English, French, Dutch, Italian, and Norwegian. In addition, his work has led to invitations to speak in France, Canada, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US.

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I am here to serve those who wish to grow as healthy individuals and as conscious citizens of the world.

Global MentoringTM

Drawing from millennia of human wisdom and creativity, Global Mentoring™ is a personalized approach designed to align with your unique goals.

Throughout my life’s journey, both personally and professionally, I have mastered a variety of tools that can be used flexibly according to your needs.

  • As a clinical psychologist, I merge the best of analytical psychotherapy and behavioral therapy — two methods seldom combined — which have helped countless people overcome trauma, violence, illness, and SUD.
  • Often, the healing journey evolves into a spiritual quest. With tools ranging from shamanic journeying to cognitive trance, I’ll guide you in forming your own spiritual connections and channeling your energy to fully express your soul.
  • As a multidisciplinary artist, I champion the power of creativity. No matter where you are in your artistic journey, I’ll support you in finding your voice and walking your creative path.
  • As a researcher and public speaker, I believe in the power of knowledge. I will help you navigate complex theoretical landscapes, fostering a more informed view of social issues to catalyze positive, enduring change.
  • I support your journey of psycho-emotional growth, which holds the potential to evolve from victim to survivor, thriver, and ultimately to activist. As an advocate for antidiscrimination in mental health care and human rights, I am committed to assisting you in harnessing this transformative potential to benefit both your community and society at large.

Global Mentoring™ unites these approaches, providing tailored solutions for fundamental life shifts in one comprehensive program. It is this combination that sets it apart.

This method is global not only in its comprehensive scope but also in its accessibility from anywhere worldwide, allowing you to progress at your own pace in your preferred setting. With Global Mentoring™, you will join a community that thinks big, transcends borders, and strives for unity amid our present crises.

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Global Mentoring™ unites these approaches, providing tailored solutions for fundamental life shifts in one comprehensive program.

Global Mentoring™ Tools

Psycho-emotional inquiry

I adopt a practical, teamwork-oriented approach in therapy, utilizing a variety of techniques based on your unique needs. My goal is not only to assist you in overcoming intense emotional events but also to inspire you to thrive from these experiences and navigate daily challenges with grace.

I believe in cultivating committed, understanding, and enduring relationships with my clients. Time and experience have proven that these strong bonds form the bedrock of transformative change.

I am a steadfast advocate for self-determination. My role is to guide and support you in uncovering your own answers and resources. Although your life is interconnected with others, it should be shaped by your terms and values. I will not determine the line — you will.

Spiritual counseling

Together, we will bond with the realm of spiritual presence to help you face issues that would otherwise go unaddressed and to recover from age-old wounds carried from generation to generation, all the way down to you.

Unveiling reality for what it truly is, you will radically accept your circumstances with kindness and compassion. Your heart, soul, and body will be brought together back as one with the whole — a place of pure energy where you will see beyond ego, matter, and time.

I will work with you to integrate ancient spiritual teachings into the different aspects of your life. You will learn to practice unconditional love and grow into the human being you are here to be, bringing your gifts and talents to the world.

Creative partnership

Even the most talented people in the arts and entertainment industry may experience inspiration drought, intimate pain, or difficulties defining their identity. To keep flourishing artistically and ensure creative productivity, you must overcome these obstacles.

Having collaborated with talents for over twenty years, I have found that those who grow the most are those who know themselves the best — a task that, given the massive pressure that they experience, is always challenging to achieve alone.

Whether you are a director, a scriptwriter, a performer, or a visual artist, I will provide you with emotional perspective, psychological insight, and creative companionship to help you reinforce ownership of your work and reach the most truthful expression of yourself.


These fees remain indicative. Together, we will assemble the specific options that make sense for you at the prices that make sense for you, based on the unique value that I will help create for you.


Psycho-emotional inquiry or Spiritual counseling or Creative partnership

For individuals, single mentoring typically starts at 25,000 $

For sponsored, institutional, or company projects, please inquire


For example, Psycho-emotional inquiry + Spiritual counseling, or any combination of two tools

For individuals, semi-global mentoring typically starts at 30,000 $

For sponsored, institutional, or company projects, please inquire


Psycho-emotional inquiry + Spiritual counseling + Creative partnership

For individuals, global mentoring typically starts at 35,000 $

For sponsored, institutional, or company projects, please inquire

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